learn graphql

GraphQL: An opensource querying language for APIs

Software development has evolved as never like before. Technologies and tools are changing rapidly and one must leverage the tools ...
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react + express

Building and Deployment with React front end and Express backend

Introduction Here in this guide, we'll discuss integrating React frontend with Express backend and to deploy on an apache server ...
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text to speech

Text to speech using gTTS(Google Text-to-Speech) python

Overview Text-to-speech (TTS) technology reads aloud digital text. It can take words on computers, smartphones, tablets, and convert them into ...
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how to use react hooks

How to use React hooks in functional components

React hooks are new addition to react 16.8. Hooks help developers to use state and life cycle methods without writing ...
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Mnist and Emnist Handwriting Recognition Using Keras and Tensorflow

Handwriting recognition aka classifying each handwritten document is a challenging problem due to huge variation in individual writing styles. The ...
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financial data alpha vantage

Financial Time Series Data into Python Using Alpha Vantage

Overview Getting access to financial time series data sets can be a hassle. Fortunately, there are a few options available ...
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8 ways to define a function in JavaScript

Overview Functions are one of the most important aspects of programming. A function is an object which takes inputs as ...
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import stock data using quandl python

Quandl: Importing stock data using python

Founded in 2013, Quandl has become a respected data provider. They now boast over 250,000 users from individuals to large ...
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linux file system

Explained Linux file system and Directory structure

Overview A file system is a way In which the operating system's files are organised, stored, retrieved and updated on ...
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scrapping tweets with twitterscraper

Twitterscraper: Scraping Twitter Data with Python

Overview If you need to scrape Twitter data with python and are struggling with other packages, Twitterscraper [GitHub] is a ...
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